Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2nd hand shopping

Today it was a truly sad and rainy day.
And also, the last day of my 3 week holiday. (back to work tomorrow!)
So I had planned on a whole day long doing notasinglething. :) haha
But then one of my dear friends called me and asked if I wanted to come with him (drive him) to the thrift-store here in my hometown, and so we did.
I'm a big fan of second-hand shopping, I like the cheap prices, the big mess it looks like, and the old treasure's you can find.
So of course.. I bought something.. since I never seem to make it out off those shops without spending a single bit of my money .

The first item I bought is this sort of can (?) made from copper.
I bought it for €9,95 (around $12) and I just can't wait to do something with it.
Its a little higher than 16inch and I can totally imagine this on our sidetable with a couple of long flowers in it , like Delphiniums, and some grasses. So Lovely! 
(If I do, I'll make sure to share some pictures! and yes, I will use a glass vase inside this copper one to protect the flowers & the can)

The second item I bought is this sweet little leather purse that cost me €5,- ($6,22).
Its square, and there is a litlle (working!) lock on top of it.
It also has a lot of space, wich I didn't expect at first but it opens up a lot wider than I thought it would, and a lot of different little pockets.(and a tiny mirror!)
And those little pockets are very handy considering all the useless things I cary around with me every day! hahaha
So what do you think ? good buys or waste of money ? 

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  1. Ha! I went op shopping today too.. I brought my daughter some new - old books and clothes! I spent $3.. bargain!