Monday, August 6, 2012


Yesterday I went to the 'Gaypride canal parade' in Amsterdam with 2 lovely friends of mine, but the only little downpoint was that the two of them were already in Amsterdam while I had to come from my hometown, wich meant I had to go 45 minutes by train on my own. (sadface)
Now I know thats not really a downer, but knowing how easily I get bored and usually spent most of the time on my phone minding other people's bussiness, I took some thin leather strings with me to braid . 
So yeah, braiding is one of those things that I really love to do ever since I was a kid, and it seriously calms me down & is a great way to kill time, like I did on the train.
This braid I made out of 5 strings that were each about 39inch long, and even though no one in the train said something about it I know they secretly thought 'thats awsome!'.. or at least I hope they did ^^ haha
OH! and the canal parade was great too, we've had a wonderfull-wonderfull day.


  1. Braiding bracelets is fun. I've tried it with t shirt yarn or other pretty fabrics. I tried to braid a hat once.
    Another note; I was trying to figure out how to follow. I subscribed to the comment by email but it's an old email that I can't seem to change on Blogger.

    It looks like you are new. You might want to go check out your layout and there you can add all kinds of gadgets to your blog. You can choose to add a subscribe it button by email, and all kinds of other gadgets. And the html gadget is neat if you want to add other buttons. Or if you want to add Blogaholics button. It's mostly a copy and paste for all kinds of things.
    I learned how to do this earlier this spring.

    Blogging is definitely a big learning process.

  2. Thank you so much , I really do have a lot to learn about it!
    I'm not really good with the html stuff and all but I hope this blogging, and with a little help from lovely people like you, I will soon get it all down ;) haha thanks again x