Thursday, August 30, 2012

my little vegetable-garden

Gardening.. I love it, but I must admit that I'm not the best gardener out there.
Mostly because I tend to get lazy with it, and forget to water them and that kind of stuff..
But last year I made a change (yes we can!) and started my own little vegetable-garden on my roof-terrace.
I did kind of start it in a spontaneous act, since the shop I work in was selling 1,20 m (4feet?) square gardens, and I just instantly bought one.
So the start was there.. and it really got me going !
I now am a proud gardener (trying to be) and the work and love I put into my vegetables is really paying of!
Especially my paksoi, cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots are doing great.
Every day I go on a little trip to my roof-terrace, water them, remove dead leaves, and go back down with a whole load of fresh and tasty tomatoes!
I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do, and the best part is the fact that I can share my vegetables with friends and neighbours since it is way to much for just me (and my love) to eat.
So here is a picture to show you how it all started.. when my baby's where so small <3

Oh yeah...I will not post a picture of how my garden looks now.. my tomatoes are really dominant and are planning a take over of my entire terrace.. 
hmm.. hoping I can stop them before they've gone to far :p

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