Monday, August 6, 2012

How to enjoy Flowers

I'm a florist, and not just one of those 'I-had-to-do-something-for-a-living-florists', but one of them 'I-really-really-really-LOVE-flowers-florists'.
I've been working as a florist for over 4 years now and I can still get (very) exited by the sight of a fresh load of beautiful flowers.
I love the bright colours, the subtile scent and of course the true Gorgeousness!
So I decided to make some sort of 'manual' with a couple of tips on how to enjoy Flowers to their fullest:

#1. Good.
When you buy flowers, make sure that they're of a good quality .
And yes, that can also be at a gasstation or supermarket! But I would only buy them on the day they arrive there, since the employee's usually don't take good care of the flowers after that day... (sorry)
Make sure the flowers you buy look fresh, smell fresh and that there are no weird brown spots or so on the flowerpedals or leaves.

#2. Clean.
Its important that you put your flowers into a clean vase, filled up with fresh (warm) water.
Use some kind of preservative and make sure there are no leaves in the water to reduce growth of bacteria's.
Also refresh the water every 2/3 days to help prolong your flowers life .

#3. Cut.
Another important thing is to cut the stems, make sure that you cut the stems diagonally about 2 inches from the end with a sharp knife (not scissors) so the flowers have a good , clean wound to get their water from.

The higher the tempareture, the faster your flowers will deteriorate.
So try to keep them as cool as possible, so dont put them into direct sunlight, near the fireplace or some other place thats significantly warmer than the rest of the house.

#5. Mature.
I think the most important thing to share here is this fact :
You are better of when you buy flowers that are lightly to almost mature.
Where I live and work (The Netherlands) most people want their flowers to be as tightly closed as they can possibly get them, and then, when they don't mature (suprise!?) they come back to complain about it.
So, if you want to buy flowers that bloom gorgeously, buy them a little more matured !
This will not only ensure you they have a longer vase-life but they also look much better right from the first day!

-If you have any questions, let me know , and I will answer them as good as I possibly can.


  1. I love flowers. I'm always photographing them. They seem to be one of my favorite subjects, besides my dolls and my kids and my artwork.
    I always cut my roses when I buy them, but hadn't thought of the leaves in the water. Thanks for the tips. Following over from Blogaholics

  2. SunFlowerSweetnessAugust 7, 2012 at 9:48 PM

    Your very welcome ! I will follow you as well ;)